CCFN Briefs Agricultural Attachés on GI Issues

September 4th, 2018

CCFN staff sat down this summer with agricultural attachés from Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Central America and the European Union (Brussels) at the U.S. Agricultural Export Development Council’s 2018 Attaché Consultations in Arlington, Virginia. The conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of U.S. agriculture export professionals and representatives from USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS). The format – which allows brief meetings with each of the attaches – provided an excellent opportunity for CCFN to educate the FAS staff about EU attempts to disrupt trade by erecting overly expansive GI restrictions and how to best work together to combat those challenges.

CCFN praised efforts in some of the countries where negotiators have successfully pushed back on EU over-reach related to GIs. With others it highlighted the benefit of more transparent review of terms within GI policies, and the need to be vigilant in free-trade negotiations to prevent harm to domestic markets and consumer choice in each specific country.