EU Rules ‘Greek Yogurt’ Can Only Come from Greece

December 5th, 2016

greek-yogurtAttention Greek yogurt makers worldwide! The European Commission has decided that, even though “Greek yogurt” is not protected by a geographical indication, using the term on products made outside Greece deceives consumers and creates unfair competition. According to the commission’s online newsletter, the decision was prompted by a draft bill that allowed use of the common term “Greek yogurt” on that style of yogurt made in the Czech Republic. While the commission said terms like Greek-type yogurt and Greek-recipe yogurt may be okay, Greece has since urged a blanket ban on using names and images that call a country to mind, unless the use is by the country being referenced. U.S. producers of Greek yogurt, whose market has exploded in recent years, may want to keep an eye on this one. Even those outside the yogurt industry may be alarmed at the prospect of restrictions on a well-used term taking hold without any actual application or fair consideration of other views taking place.