More EU Trade Deal Activity on the Horizon

March 12th, 2018

EU-Chile: The two nations are currently working to “modernize” their existing agreement, including the addition of GI protections. The latest preliminary meeting to organize negotiations took place in February. The EU has presented a proposal on the GI section that provides for an opposition period, similar to the ones in the EU-Mexico and EU-Mercosur free trade agreements. Given the early stage of negotiations, the EU has not yet presented a specific list of GIs for consideration.

EU-Singapore: This trade deal is currently moving slowly through the EU’s parliamentary approval process. CCFN anticipates that within the next year Singapore will invite input on a total of roughly 200 GIs for which the EU is seeking registration. This list includes the EU’s “usual suspects” of cheese, meat and other terms for protection. CCFN plans to strongly defend common name users’ rights as that process moves forward.

EU-Vietnam: CCFN also expects to see ratification of this agreement proceed over the next year with approval most likely taking place in early 2019. Unlike Singapore, Vietnam has already agreed to protect a list of EU GIs, having earlier conducted a comment period on those terms. Upon ratification, grandfathering clauses will go into effect for asiago, fontina and gorgonzola if producers marketed these products in Vietnam before January 2017.