Pan American Dairy Federation Issues Resolution Condemning EU’s Aggressive GI Practices

November 29th, 2017

CCFN worked with the Pan American Dairy Federation (FEPALE) last week to safeguard the interests of common food name users across the Latin American region. Those efforts resulted in a strong resolution rejecting the EU’s aggressive stance regarding the treatment of geographical indications (GIs), a topic of increasing relevance across major Latin American markets as the EU negotiates GIs with Mexico and the Mercosur bloc of countries while preparing to launch talks with Chile in the near future. (See related stories this issue on Mexico and Mercosur.)

The resolution, which was issued during FEPALE’s General Assembly last week in Cuba, addressed current, past and future negotiations with the EU and called for no new GI restrictions on the use of commonly used terms of importance to any country in the hemisphere. Representatives from more than a dozen Latin American countries attended the FEPALE meeting, including representatives from multiple CCFN member organizations.

“The EU’s GI scheme significantly threatens the sale of products using common names, at great harm to local producers and their trading partners around the world,” said CCFN Executive Director Jaime Castaneda, who attended the meeting to work closely with FEPALE’s members on this and other issues of mutual interest. “We are very pleased that FEPALE recognized the danger and took a strong stand on this important issue.”

Castaneda noted that some Latin American nations have led the way in standing up against the EU and in support of its local producers. One example is Guatemala, which last week again rejected EU attempts to claim sole use of the common name “parmesan”, despite repeated efforts by the EU to restrict this term in Guatemala.