U.S. Companies Join CCFN in Challenging Trademark for Gruyere Sought by French and Swiss

March 12th, 2017

cheese-gruyereSeveral U.S. companies and organizations have joined a CCFN challenge to a U.S. trademark application for gruyere filed by French and Swiss cheese makers. In comments submitted to the Patent and Trademark Office last fall, CCFN said extensive generic use of the term gruyere in this country justified rejecting the trademark. For instance, CCFN noted that non-Swiss and non-French gruyere is found on the menus of at least 19 chain restaurants with 2,674 locations across the United States. At issue is both preserving use of a term long used generically in this country, and upholding the relevance of the government standard allowing both U.S. and foreign companies to sell gruyere in this country.