Marking a Decade of Defending Common Food Names

December 20th, 2022

meat-and-cheeseAs part of celebrating its ten-year anniversary, CCFN spoke with dairy and agriculture media about the importance of defending common food names and pushing back against the EU’s attempts to confiscate generic names from American producers.

For Hoard’s Dairyman, Executive Director Jaime Castaneda and Chairman Errico Auricchio discussed CCFN’s roots, its progress over the last decade and the organization’s operating philosophy.

In an interview with the Cheese Reporter, Castaneda argued for deeper engagement from the U.S. government to complement CCFN’s work and match the EU’s zeal on this issue. He also spoke about what CCFN’s role may look like down the road.

Finally, as a guest on Agri-Pulse’s podcast, Open Mic Interview, Auricchio shared his story of bringing his family’s tradition of producing fine cheeses to the United States in the late 1970s, and how CCFN is pressing Congress and the Administration to be better global advocates for food and beverage companies that rely on export markets.