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Marking a Decade of Defending Common Food Names

As part of celebrating its ten-year anniversary, CCFN spoke with dairy and agriculture media about the importance of defending common food names and pushing back against the EU’s attempts to confiscate generic names from American producers. Read More »


Featuring Common Name Cheeses in Europe

CCFN member, the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC), sent a delegation of staff and members to Europe in October to discuss strengthening trade relations and promoting more common-sense policies around food regulations and sustainability.Read More »


Highlighting Common Names Issues to USTR

Recent years have seen a growing trend of countries ignoring previously established trade commitments and laws to impose regulations that restrict the use of common names at the behest of EU trade negotiators.Read More »

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This Makes Sense

This Makes Sense:

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese must come from Italy's Parma region

This Doesn’t Make Sense

This Doesn't Make Sense:

All parmesan cheese must come from Italy

image description We are very proud to belong to the Consortium and to continue this struggle in partnership with many producers and industries in the world. image description — National Chamber of Milk Producers of Costa Rica