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CCFN Reacts Quickly to MERCOSUR Mandates

CCFN received notice earlier this summer that all prior users of select common names identified as GIs in the EU-MERCOSUR free trade agreement (FTA) needed to provide proof of use in that market prior to the end of June in order to safeguard their rights. This was despite the fact that the EU and MERCOSUR […]Read More »

Monitoring Enforcement of USMCA Common Name Commitments

USMCA officially entered into force on July 1, activating its groundbreaking protections for common food names. These protections will more effectively combat the European Union’s (EU) efforts to seize exclusive use of common food and wine terms in the critical Mexican market. However, as CCFN Executive Director Jaime Castaneda noted in our press release: “There […]Read More »

Milestone Win as USPTO Says Gruyere is Generic

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has rejected a trademark application filed by French and Swiss gruyere manufacturers to trademark the generic term “gruyere” in the United States, finding that the term gruyere is a generic style of cheese. This decision handed a decisive win to CCFN and a […]Read More »

CCFN White Paper to Address Common Names in Trade Agreements

While CCFN and its allies organized the letter on Capitol Hill, CCFN simultaneously worked on a legal analysis and proposal that detailed how U.S. could further build upon the meaningful gains in USMCA while keeping with U.S. law and past U.S. trade agreement precedents. CCFN provided this confidential analysis directly to the U.S. Trade Representative […]Read More »

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This Makes Sense

This Makes Sense:

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese must come from Italy's Parma region

This Doesn’t Make Sense

This Doesn't Make Sense:

All parmesan cheese must come from Italy

image description We fully support efforts by the Consortium to protect the right to continue marketing… products using the common names by which they’ve always been known. image description — American Meat Institute