CCFN Shines Spotlight on Need to Retain Level Playing Field Online

September 12th, 2022

The protection of GIs in internet domain names is an emerging issue where CCFN is working to preserve the rights of common name users. Currently, the EU is attempting to expand their monopolization campaign to online domains. CCFN seized upon the opportunity to describe this issue and the problems it creates for food producers around the world in an article with the World Trademark Review, a widely read global publication on trademark and related issues. Another area of CCFN concern is the EU proposal to expand protections to GIs used in ingredients of a dish. While this is a complex issue, the crux of the concern turns on the territoriality and the scope of protection offered – issues that are far from resolved. CCFN also used the article to raise broader concerns with the EU’s GI campaign in bilateral trade agreements.